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I came back to Paris ...And I had accomplished many goals I wanted since many years ago! Still, I need to improve my skills, my portfolio and I'm not sure anymore where to start with She's completely calm [K-On!] ~ Paying attention to my DA, I'm missing lots of full bodies/action poses, men in general, animals... :sad: 
Having a DA is also to support, get inspired by, meet artists, etc. I had luck of having a few words with amazing artists and I wish to continue to do so Manaka Mukaido (Happy) [V1] ! So, if you are reading this let's do an "exchange":  I want you to tell me: what do you like from my "art" and what do you think I need to do more? If you decide to look up on my gallery I will do the same with yours and who knows, can be something good for both!

Thanks for reading and I hope for your comment! Kao Emoji-06 (Shy) [V1] 
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Hi world! I just came back from the best road trip I ever made through the USA and I'm gonna post a few photos I consider fairly "good". I took them with a Canon Eos Rebel T5, and when I can't use it because of the circumstances I used my iPhone 6s.
Travelling is still going for me,.. BUT For now I enjoy the peace of home and finally I can concentrate on drawing something again, hopefully will be digital this time. ~not that anybody is reading this~ *ehem* :heart:
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Hello! Anyone here has ever travelled/been/lived in the North USA? Washington - Montana - North Dakota - Minnesota - Wisconsin - Michigan ??
 If you had, what is the most you had liked/hated? Do you have any advices/recommendations? Please do not just tell me Seattle or Chicago. I'm doing a Road trip from where I live in North East Coast. I really need any suggestion or comments about those states, I'm a nature seeker and Yellowstone is not only my main destination.
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It’s never late to start to do something, and to wait ‘till “monday, new year” is just another excuses to not do it. That’s why I’ve decided to start right now the Picolo-kun  365 days challenge which has the goal of making the drawing a daily routine, as brushing your teeth, for instance. And who knows, next year my style might improve and this page/blog would turn into something else that another empty page of shitty drawings (as it is now).
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This is a time for no jokes, I'm sure of it, and who I am to give a voice for all what is happening in the world? Nobody, yep. Nevertheless I still have the need to share my point of view in the whole situation. I'm Mexican, so I can tell you better about injustice for the innocents. Even so, from a 3rd world class living in a 1st world class country doesn't give me the right to "disregard" your mourn (and I don't pretend to do). What I'm saying is do not be manipulated in this situation. Inform yourself before acting with hatred thoughts. In this whole situation the only thing I can't help to think is the humanity itself; the whole humanity. Think before open your mouth (or write/share sth).
And shake that flag from your social media profile; and your home; and your thoughts. Because as long as you wear just one flag, your attempt to stand with victims of terror is a most embarrassingly hollow solidarity, indeed.

+ A novel written by me, in Spanish at first. Then I'll consider to translate into English and French
+ A GDD that I have on mind, mostly personal future
+ Traveling to Mexico and The States for few months I want to scouting some places for my novel
+ Daily drawing, mostly sketches of human body in order to practice my rusty skills
+ Finish the GoT books (currently I'm on the 3rd one)
+ Finish Bioshock Infinite and buy Alien Isolation for Ps4

And then when I come back to Paris I'll start looking for job :p no time to waste~
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n___n for good!!
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L'affliction est un parfait stigmate qui s'enivre d'humiliation.
la honte abuse peu à peu de nos corps.
le secret inavouable et la pensé interdite.
la puissance est défectueuse quand les cris et les plaintes indiffèrent~

Oh man, the replay button is gonna explode!! I love this album!!!
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Hi there!
I just moved to Paris, I've been busy and I haven't draw by now.. sniff.. Again I will come back, if somebody take care of it x).... yeah.. well.. Have a nice day if somebody reads this n_n
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Omg only 2 more weeks left to move to Paris :D I can't describe my happiness!!

On the other hand,   I feel like I betrayed myself and I couldn't make draw anything "happy" in despite my mood. I totally understand when Dexter Morgan had promise to be a new brand human with feelings after having his first baby.. Not that I have a baby, but yes, a new bright life wich doesn't accept the "Dark Passenger" who was lurking in my mind since I remember.
Light is always better than darkness in my new joyful point of view, and I haven't seen darkness since many months ago.
I'm wondering if is that also the reason I haven't paint/draw anything creepy or sad since.. It would be a shame, to be honest, to depend on my mood to do what I enjoy to do..
How pitiful sounds that?

Anyway, hope you had enjoyed as much as me the new record of Mars Volta (: have a nice week kiddos~
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Je suis morte x)
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Enjoy it because is the very last one of our lifes, huh :D
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what do you do for avoid it?
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:D I'm so happy, today we are at 5 degrees!! finally the hot weather is over... I though it would never ends.. I really miss the snow in Canada u_u

on the other hand, does anyone can recommend me some movies to watch? :w00t:
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Just to share I've made an "official" blog of my art, without the random stuff I put in the other blogs I have..

and, I've been busy lately (surprise of surprises!) with many projects, but I want to get better in the drawning skills.. If you are so kind and actually you are reading this bullshit, can you tell me some suggestions about what should I draw more to get out of my "comfort zone" which is to draw sexy girls, or attempt of them :D

merci bcp, may the pig be with you~

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gosh, is saturday night and I'm drawning u_u I feel totally lame
on the other hand, I can't avoid love the vampire chronicles by anne rice!! T__T that's double lame~
but please no confuse this vampires with the new sparkly famous ones.. I don't like that, Is like justin bieber "vampire" or what.. anyway x) have a good sabado pepino!

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I hate this situation :(
..any tips to sleep well?
besides quit the coffee..

..btw, since everybody has tumblr, and I can't sleep, I made one too.
if you are looking for some creepy dark sexy awesome inspiration, you should check mine
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If your not living for love, your living for nothing.
Born Feb 1st. Aphatetic, Misantrophist, Tender.
Not some anerexic, teen whore, for sure.
Drawnings/Art, Universe, Poetry, Music, Fashion.

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